If Meat Is Murder, Is Cannibalism Suicide?

When last I spoke to Carol I said: “I can’t pretend it gets easier.” she said: “I’ve hung on, I have edged around this narrow ledge since the day I was born in 1975.” Who’d have thought that a dour English vegan would have written a song in 2009 that paralleled the end of a zombie […]

How “Watchmen” Ruined “Batman V Superman”

It took me a while to put it into words, but I figured out why – to me – “Batman V Superman” doesn’t work. It comes down to director Zack Snyder and what he thinks he is trying to do: Yes, he is trying to tentpole a franchise Yes, he is trying to rationalize how […]

Insert Obvious “Guys Like Less Teeth, Eugene” Joke Here

Well, that brought things forward. Why in the holy hell do you let your only doctor go out on a supply run? It’s like asking for trouble. Some people just need to be prevented from hurting themselves in spite of their best efforts. And you just know Rick’s going to take that well! Who’s going […]

Got A Smoke?

That was satisfying. The episode was 99% Carol & Maggie, and that was just fine with me. There was a lot of talking this episode. But unlike the year spent on Herschel’s farm, this talking actually led to story & character developments. It also led to some fantastic killing in the second half of the episode. […]

Any Good Review of This Will Spoil The Movie

There is no way to talk about what happens in this movie without giving too much away. Once you talk about an incident, you’ve either got to talk about where it goes, or get to a point and……. in order to avoid leaking something vital to following along and/or enjoying the movie. So I won’t. […]

How Can Things Be Bad When I’ve Made Cookies?

(Last time on “The Walking Dead”, The TKEs and the Deltas decide to join forces against the Kappa Sigs.) Now THAT was a pretty good episode. Lotsa killing, both of the human and walker kind.              Always relevant FYI, Carol proved why you can’t/don’t wear white during the zombie apocalypse. […]


Testing But are you going to be a victim or a victor? If you Replica Oakleys keep playing eventually good decisions will be made in your favor. If you stay in the game, you will get that undeserved decision to benefit you. Chances are deep down you’re still that kid who counts the minutes until […]

The Oscars Are On, So Let’s Talk Sorghum Production

There is, however, always time for tomacco. (Last time on “The Walking Dead”, ROAD TRIP!) Like the worst episode of “Rock Bottom” ever, instead of talking about the prostitutes ’round back, the characters really did want to talk about seed crops and sustainable harvests. It’s like Leo took his Oscars acceptance speech from the discarded […]