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Political Arguments in a Rational Mind in an Irrational Time

Kasich should stay in the race

John Kasich has earned the nickname Democrats favorite Republican, there have been times he has even said in jest that he feels like he was standing on the wrong stage. However, he isn’t that moderate he has a relatively conservative setting he just happens to be running against someone spouting extremely far right rhetoric and someone believing in a slightly less extreme far right rhetoric. So by staying in and possibly taking this into the convention is wise because it would give the Republicans a viable option against Hillary, who is way more populous and center left than people like to believe. Once again that is due to the run so far right by the Republican party that center tempered stance looks liberal.

However, taking this to the convention would spell doomsday for the Republican party. Can they withstand the ire of 10-20% of the base if he doesn’t get the nomination? They will risk alienating their more people and maybe actually spur the Donald to run as an independent and scrape just enough away to secure a Clinton win.

Will it, though? Where was the Ron Paul 2012 revolt? And he openly tried to steal delegates by rigging the delegate elections. He had a ground game of pro-Paul delegates posing as Romney folks there were even pamphlets on how to dress and act to get through the first couple of rounds, and he still failed to do much damage. So while there are a huff and puff by folks, this will be more about people more likely to sit home and post idiotic meme’s on Facebook than get off their couch and do something about it.

Donald just went on CNN and said they could be riots if he weren’t selected.

Will there? I mean really will there? Even if there was, it is not like the first time that would ever happen. Not trying to encourage violence, but so what? People have a short memory and even if someone else gets nominated and they win all would be forgotten because they will just say their team won.

There you go what if they nominate someone like Kasich, and they lose. Won’t that just strengthen the resolve of the extreme right? After all Mitt Romney was moderate, and he lost

There was so much faulty logic in that campaign. Romney lost his “moderate” tag the moment he ran right and then lost most independent voters with his infamous 48% donor speech. Then Paul Ryan had the balls to say every person who received a Pell grant, tax deduction, and GI Bill recipients and Medicare recipients were “Takers” and thought only 50% of the country were the ones paying their taxes. Besides the Republican party did a full “autopsy” on why they lost in 2012 and how they could win again with such radical ideas as;

  • Try not to be viewed as the rich white guys
  • Rebrand the GOP from “Grand Ol’ Party” to “Growth and Opportunity Party.”
  • Pass immigration reform
  • Be more accessible and inclusive of minorities
  • Be Cognisant of Epistemic Closure – “Don’t live in a bubble where you are only listening to yourself talk.”
  • Does it sound like the Republican party even attempted to do any of that? So why are we worried they will revolt? No.

But if they let Trump go and fail then maybe they will try some of that stuff in 2020.

How long can Moderate Republicans continue to hope that the right wing folks will finally learn to play nice with each other? I mean the only true way to break this is if a Moderate True Party came in not as an independent a shift of moderate Republicans and Democrats need to get together and say let’s give the country a true third option. But that will never happen.

That’s it I am still confused as hell on this.

You and me Both brother

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Louis C.K.’s Horace and Pete

Louis C.K. surprised most fans today with a simple email.

Hi there.

Horace and Pete episode one is available for download.  $5.

Go here to watch it.

We hope you like it.



That was it. So in case you were wondering what it was I watched it.

Horace and Pete is about two brothers named Horace and Pete played by Louis C.K. and Steve Buscemi. It’s an hour long play. It’s more drama than comedy so if you go in thinking it will be like “Louie” you will be disappointed. The laughs are far and few between, with most of them supplied by an angry old Pete played by Alan Alda.

I call it a play because it’s acted like one with dramatic stage/theatre acting (re: think Birdman) and it acts like one with an intermission in the middle of the episode. The main story is set in a single day, and all the events leading up to a meeting Horace and Pete have with their sister (played by Edie Falco). What comes before are random interactions with the customers and so forth. There to pad the time and break up the main story with social commentary. Usually centered on politics. First is a patron who probably makes the most logical argument for voting for Trump, and, later on, Nick Dipaolo plays Nick Dipaolo a conservative ADA for New York City, who argues with a hipster liberal with a guy intermediating between them. The gist of the conversation is if both sides view each other as inferior with nothing to add then there is no hope for either side to make any agreement on anything.

For an hour long play it kind of drags and the best part of the show are Alan Alda. It is a show much like this site. I’m learning my way around blogging and running a website as much as I think Louis C.K is stretching his artistic wings branching out a bit. It is at times pretty raw like as I am prone to have a spelling or grammar mistake some actors and actresses flub a line in the show. Overall I think it is a brave endeavour, and it has its flaws. Spending $5 here is more about supporting the artist for the effort than it is paying for the content as the writer is still finding himself in the process.

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Is Billions Worth It?

Is there anything so prophetic about a channel than this gif?

Dexter fall

Showtimes shows have a tendency to start out at a reasonable pace and then things spin out of control until we are laughing at something that should be serious. Dexter, Homeland, Weeds, House of Lies the list goes on. They all have this chip on their shoulder that eats away at their authenticity. The shows scream “look at me, I’m edgy like HBO” and yet the shows seem to force their way into dramatic or taboo territory rather than walk into it naturally. And for as many good things there are about Billions you can already see the hints it can and will get ridiculous. What is below is a bit of a write-up/primer on the first two episodes. some information could be spoilers I try not to reveal too much of the bigger twists. but Be warned if you don’t like any spoilers don’t read too much of this article.

Billions, pits two great actors Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti against each other in a fascinating game of cat and mouse.

Damian Lewis (Life, Band of Brothers, Homeland) is Bobby “Axe” Axelrod, the streetwise self-made billionaire hedge fund manager. To make his self-starting ways even more “heroic” he is the sole survivor of 9/11. He has his hands in a lot of sketchy insider trading deals, bribing CEO, etc. Will we see at the end of the season the “Axe” actually knew about the attacks that day and shorted stocks before skipping the meeting that killed his coworkers? I don’t know I have seen a few Showtime shows and that “twist” I can see coming a mile away, call it Checkov’s kids of dead partners getting full college tuition. Don’t get me wrong Damian absolutely chews up the scene everytime he’s there. He also gets quite a few of the best lines. “Whats the point of having ‘fuck you’ money” if you don’t use it to say fuck you?” and in the second episode where he absolutely verbally destroys a rival. There will be an interesting dynamic here you will have to ask yourself, who is he actually hurting with his insider trading? If he is using his riches to take a few trust fund douches and old money assholes down a peg isn’t he a Wall Street hero? And Damian Lewis is just so damn charismatic you wanted to cheer for him in the first 2 seasons on Homeland too.

Paul Giamatti (Shooter, John Adams, Sideways) plays US Attorney Chuck Rhodes, he has a perfect record and likes to tell everyone how he plays 3-D chess. You are first introduced to him as he is tied up with a dominatrix woman putting out a cigarette on him and then cooling it off by pissing on him. That is the first scene in the show. Chuck is a formidable foe to “Axe” and knows how to manipulate events and people just as much as “Axe” does. The first episode has him sentence an old acquaintance of his extremely rich and powerful father who he has a strange relationship with. So far the show is basically Paul chasing Damian by setting up traps and Damian setting up his own traps to counter him only to have Paul see they are traps and try to use that trap against him. It is fun to watch because they are both great actors.

Behind each powerful men is a powerful woman, “Axe” is married to Lara, played by Malin Akerman (Watchman, Children’s Hospital). who is just as tough and cunning and self-made as her husband. Chuck Rhodes SO is Wendy played by Lady Siff, err I mean Maggie Siff (Sons of Anarchy). Wendy as a twist is an in-house psychiatrist to Bobby Axelrod’s firm. Where all these millionaires come in to bitch about their first world problems and need to be coached up and amped up to do all their trading. As a first class psycologist you would think she would be intuned to her husband, who is a powerful man, and his need to be dominated right? Well, yes turns out she’s the one who was playing watersports with her hubby. See now you don’t have to root against Pal, because he is a cheater, it was his wife! Both characters are pretty good as well, I never had full “Tara” hate, mostly because it wasn’t her fault the way she was written. My big gripes have been the supporting characters.

This might be David Costabile’s (Wire, Breaking Bad, Suits) worst performance in a show, he’s a bit too over the top. He gets all those shitty lines like:

“If you see a short position like that again you grab it like it’s a horse cock and you’re Cathrine the great”
“We have to be more pure than the Virgin Mary before her first period.”

Who the fuck writes those lines? It up there with the dialogue choices of Heist “My motherfucker is so cool, when sheep go to be they count him.” The other characters are filled with one-dimensional caricatures in weird settings just to show its edgy-ness. Showtime truly is the Penthouse to HBO’s Playboy. You don’t get them for the writing, but know they will have some raunchy stuff just for the sake of having something raunchy. Water Sports,? Check, Lip Stick Lesbians? Check, a guy hinted to be attracted to midget dominatrix? Oh yeah that’s there too.

I’m not trying to scare you away from the show I like it, just don’t go in expecting Breaking Bad, Sopranos, Better Call Saul. This is a Showtime show so enjoy the first two seasons and hate watch the rest of what will soon become a ridiculous ride.



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How Making a Murderer Made Me Appreciate Modern Family

Making a Murderer is heavy. The case centers around a man innocently accused of rape and attempted murder in 1985. He had some earlier run ins with the law and even ran his cousin off the road one night after she was going around spreading rumors about him jerking off outside in the middle of the day. He then threatens his cousin with an unloaded gun. Now his cousin is married to a Sheriff officer.

Sometime in 1985 a rich, upstanding resident is sexually assaulted by a young bearded man. The woman who takes the victims statement and description of her assailant was  Steven Avery’s cousins BFF who said to the victim “That sounds like Steven Avery”. The police make a composite drawing based on an older mugshot of Avery and ask the victim if this is the man who attacked her and she said yes. So they arrest Steven Avery, a 19 yr old with an IQ below average.

So the police don’t interview anyone else and during times seem to go out of there way to neglect any and all information that someone else did do this… oh like the victim saying she remember the attacker had brown eyes and Avery has blue eyes. Or that Steven Avery was with his wife, children, and family members the whole time the attack was taking place. So Avery is found guilty and spends 18 years in prison. Losing appeal after appeal because there was no new evidence just people trying to claim there was wrong doing.  Then DNA evidence catches up and actually proves that Avery was innocent and he is soon set free.

That is it. He is set free in 2002 and everything is great he is suing the police department because he was basically mistreated. Now I am sure you are asking yourself “Duchess you pretty much ruined the series why no spoiler tags?”

Well that is the funny part because that story that would make a great movie in its own right was just the first episode. What follows through out the next nine episodes is a journey down the rabbit hole of shoddy police work, the coercion of a 16 yr old kid with a lower IQ than Steven Avery for over 4 hours without a parent or lawyer, evidence tampering, multiple witnesses lying and inconsistent. It is a wild ride that will leave you twisted and mixed up about our legal system.

This show is amazing on level with taking a straight shot of rot gut whiskey and you need to have a chaser on hand. I watched the first 4 episodes last night and after the end of them you are left numb and punched in the gut. My chaser was an episode of Modern Family. As much as we like to joke it is sappy and dumbed down it was exactly what I needed to cleanse my pallet.  If you do decide to watch this series I recommend you follow it up with the following shows:

Chill out with some cartoons like: Teen Titans Go, Reruns of Archer, the Simpsons, and if you can find it Frisky Dingo

TV shows to watch: Old episodes of Cheers, Modern Family… let the stupidity get your blood boiling and think about all its flaws rather than the show you just watched. Hate watch Big Bang Theory for the same reason. Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Don’t watch: Brooklyn Nine-Nine because frankly its a comedy with incompetent cops in it.

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[Door Flies Open]

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So I have started this blog as a sister site to DFO. Here we can sit around and discuss none football items.  Want to discuss Game of Thrones? go right ahead. Want to see a breakdown of all the references made in last night’s Archer or Rick and Morty Episode? Here’s the spot for you! Want to discuss Johnny Football going out partying in Vegas the day before his last game and missing the concussion meeting? Piss off, that is what DFO is for!


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