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How Making a Murderer Made Me Appreciate Modern Family

Making a Murderer is heavy. The case centers around a man innocently accused of rape and attempted murder in 1985. He had some earlier run ins with the law and even ran his cousin off the road one night after she was going around spreading rumors about him jerking off outside in the middle of the day. He then threatens his cousin with an unloaded gun. Now his cousin is married to a Sheriff officer.

Sometime in 1985 a rich, upstanding resident is sexually assaulted by a young bearded man. The woman who takes the victims statement and description of her assailant was  Steven Avery’s cousins BFF who said to the victim “That sounds like Steven Avery”. The police make a composite drawing based on an older mugshot of Avery and ask the victim if this is the man who attacked her and she said yes. So they arrest Steven Avery, a 19 yr old with an IQ below average.

So the police don’t interview anyone else and during times seem to go out of there way to neglect any and all information that someone else did do this… oh like the victim saying she remember the attacker had brown eyes and Avery has blue eyes. Or that Steven Avery was with his wife, children, and family members the whole time the attack was taking place. So Avery is found guilty and spends 18 years in prison. Losing appeal after appeal because there was no new evidence just people trying to claim there was wrong doing.  Then DNA evidence catches up and actually proves that Avery was innocent and he is soon set free.

That is it. He is set free in 2002 and everything is great he is suing the police department because he was basically mistreated. Now I am sure you are asking yourself “Duchess you pretty much ruined the series why no spoiler tags?”

Well that is the funny part because that story that would make a great movie in its own right was just the first episode. What follows through out the next nine episodes is a journey down the rabbit hole of shoddy police work, the coercion of a 16 yr old kid with a lower IQ than Steven Avery for over 4 hours without a parent or lawyer, evidence tampering, multiple witnesses lying and inconsistent. It is a wild ride that will leave you twisted and mixed up about our legal system.

This show is amazing on level with taking a straight shot of rot gut whiskey and you need to have a chaser on hand. I watched the first 4 episodes last night and after the end of them you are left numb and punched in the gut. My chaser was an episode of Modern Family. As much as we like to joke it is sappy and dumbed down it was exactly what I needed to cleanse my pallet.  If you do decide to watch this series I recommend you follow it up with the following shows:

Chill out with some cartoons like: Teen Titans Go, Reruns of Archer, the Simpsons, and if you can find it Frisky Dingo

TV shows to watch: Old episodes of Cheers, Modern Family… let the stupidity get your blood boiling and think about all its flaws rather than the show you just watched. Hate watch Big Bang Theory for the same reason. Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Don’t watch: Brooklyn Nine-Nine because frankly its a comedy with incompetent cops in it.

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