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Political Arguments in a Rational Mind in an Irrational Time

Kasich should stay in the race

John Kasich has earned the nickname Democrats favorite Republican, there have been times he has even said in jest that he feels like he was standing on the wrong stage. However, he isn’t that moderate he has a relatively conservative setting he just happens to be running against someone spouting extremely far right rhetoric and someone believing in a slightly less extreme far right rhetoric. So by staying in and possibly taking this into the convention is wise because it would give the Republicans a viable option against Hillary, who is way more populous and center left than people like to believe. Once again that is due to the run so far right by the Republican party that center tempered stance looks liberal.

However, taking this to the convention would spell doomsday for the Republican party. Can they withstand the ire of 10-20% of the base if he doesn’t get the nomination? They will risk alienating their more people and maybe actually spur the Donald to run as an independent and scrape just enough away to secure a Clinton win.

Will it, though? Where was the Ron Paul 2012 revolt? And he openly tried to steal delegates by rigging the delegate elections. He had a ground game of pro-Paul delegates posing as Romney folks there were even pamphlets on how to dress and act to get through the first couple of rounds, and he still failed to do much damage. So while there are a huff and puff by folks, this will be more about people more likely to sit home and post idiotic meme’s on Facebook than get off their couch and do something about it.

Donald just went on CNN and said they could be riots if he weren’t selected.

Will there? I mean really will there? Even if there was, it is not like the first time that would ever happen. Not trying to encourage violence, but so what? People have a short memory and even if someone else gets nominated and they win all would be forgotten because they will just say their team won.

There you go what if they nominate someone like Kasich, and they lose. Won’t that just strengthen the resolve of the extreme right? After all Mitt Romney was moderate, and he lost

There was so much faulty logic in that campaign. Romney lost his “moderate” tag the moment he ran right and then lost most independent voters with his infamous 48% donor speech. Then Paul Ryan had the balls to say every person who received a Pell grant, tax deduction, and GI Bill recipients and Medicare recipients were “Takers” and thought only 50% of the country were the ones paying their taxes. Besides the Republican party did a full “autopsy” on why they lost in 2012 and how they could win again with such radical ideas as;

  • Try not to be viewed as the rich white guys
  • Rebrand the GOP from “Grand Ol’ Party” to “Growth and Opportunity Party.”
  • Pass immigration reform
  • Be more accessible and inclusive of minorities
  • Be Cognisant of Epistemic Closure – “Don’t live in a bubble where you are only listening to yourself talk.”
  • Does it sound like the Republican party even attempted to do any of that? So why are we worried they will revolt? No.

But if they let Trump go and fail then maybe they will try some of that stuff in 2020.

How long can Moderate Republicans continue to hope that the right wing folks will finally learn to play nice with each other? I mean the only true way to break this is if a Moderate True Party came in not as an independent a shift of moderate Republicans and Democrats need to get together and say let’s give the country a true third option. But that will never happen.

That’s it I am still confused as hell on this.

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