How Can Things Be Bad When I’ve Made Cookies?

(Last time on “The Walking Dead”, The TKEs and the Deltas decide to join forces against the Kappa Sigs.)

Now THAT was a pretty good episode. Lotsa killing, both of the human and walker kind.

             Always relevant

FYI, Carol proved why you can’t/don’t wear white during the zombie apocalypse. Totally agree with the beets in the cookies thing; roasted sugar beets kick ass.

BTW, where did that relationship come from? I guess Darol (Caryl?) is never going to happen, then. (OMG – HE’S GOING TO DIE!!!1!!1!)

Rick is the man with a plan. Morgan is the man with a code.


After essentially bullying Alexandria into following his agenda, they use the guy from Hilltop (Michael? Tibor? Cabbage?) to plot out where best to attack the Saviors compound and what lies behind various doors.


Abraham dumps Rosita COLD! Finding out you’re dumped because other women exist has to be brutal. I don’t recall too many movies about soldiers leaving their girls before going into battle. Right after the breakup, the first person she sees is Eugene; so much for empathy. If Abraham gets killed by Negan, most female viewers will approve; MRAs will object.

The consensus line of the night went to Cabbage Andy, noting that Negan & the Saviors are scary, “but those pricks got nuthin’ on you.” This comes after Rick roughs up a severed head to make it look like Gregory’s, which was the price Andy had to pay the Saviors in order to get his brother back.

Aside – GQ made a pretty cool comparison to the Saviors base and the N64 “Goldeneye” game:

It’s probably just a random, abandoned government base, though. Pity; I don’t think Sean Bean‘s ever been a zombie.

The assault showed pretty much who was where in the redeemability scale: (main characters only)

  • Glenn – killed someone, but was emotional about doing so, like he was the last one to lose his grip on humanity. Until he and Heath had to survive a firefight. Kill or be killed at that point.
  • Rick, Michonne & Daryl – killing is their business
  • Abraham – the worst. Killed Saviors, but also killed love. His poor situational awareness led to the alarm being sounded.

Carol & Maggie stayed behind at the camper. Carol didn’t want to, but when she feared Maggie going in would cost her her baby, the I-miss-Sophia gene kicked in and she helped guard the rear in order to help guard the fetus. That turned out to have been a bad decision.

The episode ends with seemingly most of the Saviors dead and the group relaxing, until a motorcycle emerges and they have to catch the escapee. Then they hear on his radio that the people on the other end have captured Carol & Maggie. Now it’s a Mexican standoff.

Prediction: Glenn will be the one Negan kills.

I know what the comics say, and I know the show writers try to misdirect, but watching the episode made me think that Glenn will sacrifice himself because he no longer wants to live in this world, because killing the sleeping Savior took the last big piece of humanity he had left. Glenn seeing those Polaroids let him know what kind of monsters they’ve killed, but in cold blood just doesn’t suit him. The last small piece kept the kid from killing the other sleeper and doing it himself. (Let the kid go on the road trip with a clear conscience.) That’ll be what allows him to sacrifice himself for Maggie when Negan tries to kill her.

Negan Anticipation Level: The Losers

If you saw that movie, JDM’s character Clay reacted poorly to being ambushed, seeing children die and his men almost killed. Negan in the comics is a sociopath who kills anyone that interferes with his plans. The Polaroids of caved-in heads on the wall doesn’t bode well for when he shows up to exact his revenge for the Alexandrian’s assault on “his” base. (I’m fairly certain he considers the Saviors themselves pawns.) That’ll be a gut-wrenching finale.

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