…I Went Down, Down Down, and The Flames Went Higher.

(Last time on “The Walking Dead”, not enough people died & there was too much talking)

I don’t want to recap the episode. Frankly, enough sites, including [redacted] do that, and frankly keep over-analyzing the show. I just wanna talk about fun or salient stuff.

                                                           You’ve been warned.

Ignoring the fact that this season so far has simply been a hyper-violent version of the season on Herschel’s farm, I get the distinct impression that the last two episodes take place in a single day. At least Dale isn’t around & chirping weak morals. That’s what Morgan is for, and he’s at least proficient with his stick.

It appears cleansing by fire was the theme of Sunday’s mid-season return episode. Daryl gets to use a bazooka twice, to differing, awesome effect.

                                          This was the weaker of the two.

No main characters died, but Rick’s hot blonde girlfriend and her snotty younger son got eaten. And the older son freaked out about it, so he tried to shoot Rick. But because Michonne gut him like a fish, he ended up hitting Carl instead.

Now he’s not just mopey. Now he looks like he worships Golan the Insatiable.

Four years ago, people wanted Carl dead ‘just because’. Now he’s becoming one of the best characters. There’s no way the character doesn’t become a barely-controlled rage monster wrapped inside a confused teenager. It will be ridiculous fun.

Glenn somehow survived his own idiocy again. When they do eventually kill him off, by that time no one will care – and they’ll probably be relieved that their chain will no longer be yanked.

Counterargument: sex with Maggie adds hit points to your character.

Anyway, that’s it for this episode. Next week, stay tuned for a riveting hour of body collection and bonfires. Plus, I’m sure more of Negan’s henchmen will probably show up. Speaking of which…

Negan Anticipation Level: Grey’s Anatomy

We know he’s coming, but we’re not sure when. Since it’s the first episode of the second half of the season, I didn’t expect he’d show up, so he gets the lowest of all possible ratings – one related to forced affection for Katherine Heigl.

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  1. I’m guessing by the penultimate episode, we will be at either Supernatural or The Losers levels of Negan anticipation?

    Also: I agree, Carl should become fun IF they let him become Hormonal Rage Monster, but after last night, that looks unlikely. He was all fuckin mopey and empathetic about Zombie Deana, so he’s gonna go emo by next season (and, with any luck, he’ll do the same makeup as the kid from Raising Hope, which I would find hilariously acceptable.

    The sooner Glen gets dropped, the better. He’s become almost superhuman in his ability to avoid Death By Walker, although they seem to be almost no threat at all after the epic beatdown put upon the horde in the mid-season opener.

  2. SPOILER ALERT…..Just watched last night’s (2/21) episode and……..YEAH!!!!! I effing told ya….Rick and Michonne muddafukka’s!!!!!!

    They need to shoot Jesus.

    Deanna looked about the same as always.

  3. Moar Maggie. Now that Beth is rotting somewhere in a rural Georgia field (still probably doable), it’s always moar Maggie. Gonna trap her up on a lookout tower? Fine…but you better damned well show her up there for a minimum of 10 minutes of the run time. Bastards.

    Nekkid Rosita is also totes acceptable. Make a note.

    Now that Rick’s latest white girl is toast, can we please get some jungle love going? Michonne completes him. He’s just too racist to see it. Plus, she’s like the surrogate mother CARRRLLLL(!!!!!) needs. Get out of line you little bastard? Taste the blade.

    And can we please get a homoerotic threesome between Daryl, Aaron and that little dude Aaron is putting it to? TV history, right there. Women all over middle America would scream in disgust….then realize they’re kinda turned on.

    But most of all….would someone please shoot Carol? I totally get why her husband constantly beat the shit out of her (just kidding ladies…domestic violence is always wrong). But seriously, I hate her.

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