If Meat Is Murder, Is Cannibalism Suicide?

When last I spoke to Carol I said:
“I can’t pretend it gets easier.”
she said:
“I’ve hung on, I have edged around this narrow ledge since the day I was born in 1975.”

Who’d have thought that a dour English vegan would have written a song in 2009 that paralleled the end of a zombie TV show in 2016? But, here we are. Given all the people on this show who are British but acting American, it’s enough to make Pete Carroll believe in chemtrails.

Not a lot of killin’ this episode, but a whole lotta tension. Has anyone seen Sophia?

The big driver of the episode was Carol sneaking off from Alexandria in a puffy coat. This led Daryl, then Glenn, Rosita & Michonne, and then Rick & Morgan to all go looking for Carol, leaving Alexandria guarded by Abraham, Sasha, and a few plants. Ooh – that seems like a good plan, knowing your enemy could invade at any moment.

Carol got the most killing in, taking down four Saviors with her hidden gun after she tried to talk her way through their roadblock. (Never trust someone in a puffy coat. Always hiding a gun; just ask Axel Foley.)

When last I spoke to Carol I said:
“I can’t pretend I feel love for you.”
she said:
“I’ve hammered a smile across this pasty face of mine since the day I was born in 1975.”

We never found out what happened to her after her last kill – although we saw him zombied out and eating someone later when Rick & Morgan came across the scene. She seemed to have gone for a stroll in the fields – possibly to look at the flowers – so Rick & Morgan found a trail and tried to follow her. At a barn, they found a lone human killing walkers. Rick tried to shoot him, but Morgan stopped him, and the unknown character got away.

   Wearing what appears to be unfinished Legion of Doom cosplay.

Then Rick & Morgan had a heart to heart, Morgan told him about the Wolf, and then Rick had either an epiphany or gas (based on his look). Morgan and his philosophy of “live & let live and it’ll all circle back” said he’d go look for Carol. So, now he’s gone as well.

        Konichiwa, bitches.

Glenn, Michonne & Rosita eventually found Daryl, just in time for all of them to get captured by Dwight. In between, there’s yelling about family and protection, plus thinking there’s a much bigger enemy than they’re ready for. To re-emphasize the point that Daryl should have killed Dwight the first time, Dwight shoots Daryl to end the episode on a cliffhanger.

When I said goodbye to Carol
black earth upon the casket fell
she had faded to
something I always knew
to the rescue
nobody ever comes.

Oh – while all that’s going on, Maggie may have had a miscarriage while getting a haircut. That seems like it might be important next week. Question: if a viable fetus dies in utero, will it zombify and then try to eat it’s way out?

PVR Note: The finale will be 90 minutes. Try to avoid Hardwick right after, as that’s sure to be a one-man wank.

Negan death watch: For the third week in a row, I still think Glenn is going to be the one. Morgan’s going to find Carol; they’ll chat, and then he’ll walk back to Alexandria alone – so that’ll remove them from the list. TV producers think the average viewer has a soft head, so they won’t kill a pregnant woman who may or may not have miscarried. (They don’t want letters.) My one great fear is that they end the season right before the crack of the bat, so we don’t see the character die, and we have to “Who Shot J.R.?” our way through summer.

Negan Anticipation Level: Watchmen

Of course it’s The Comedian. Until Negan, this was the most memorable bad guy Jeffrey Dean Morgan had played. All that remains is how close to expectations will it be, and how much will AMC let them show. FEED MY NEED, AMC!

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  1. It’s really too bad those guys made Carol ruin her coat….but she tried to tell ’em.

    I’m not sure who it’s gonna be. For some reason I’m kinda leaning away from Glenn at this point.

    Zombified fetus would be great, especially since without teeth it would be little more than a macabre wind up doll. It would be hilarious (Maggie may or may not agree).

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