Insert Obvious “Guys Like Less Teeth, Eugene” Joke Here

Well, that brought things forward.

Why in the holy hell do you let your only doctor go out on a supply run? It’s like asking for trouble. Some people just need to be prevented from hurting themselves in spite of their best efforts. And you just know Rick’s going to take that well! Who’s going to save CORAL next time I fuck up with child care?! Mind you, she did go out pretty cool:

                          I don’t care; let me finish my pointless lecture!

Mental notes:

  1. Maybe knock it off with the speeches. Unless you’re covered in blood and/or screaming about “CORAL!!!”, maybe pass on the soliloquies. Extended periods of exposition tend to get people killed.
  2. Since you never know when you’re gonna die, take a moment to tell people you love them, instead of fighting zombies for cans of Orange Crush.
  3. Again, leave the fucking pros at home! Maybe sacrifice a redshirt or someone with no apparent future. Anyone can plant seeds; only a rare few have actual surgical skills.

Speaking of characters that seem to get in their own way, Eugene sure picks weird times to grow a pair. The “bullets are currency” speech was great, and gave an idea about his attempts to find his worth in the group. However, I’m not sure if Abraham & Eugene boiled down to “hos before bros”, or “man, I don’t think we can be friends anymore”, but Eugene sure wants different treatment from his best (only) friend after what went down with Rosita.

I can side with Eugene on wanting better treatment, but Abe was right to wax that leadhead walker. He knows Eugene is too stupid to know better; it’s “Of Mice & Men”, and Eugene is Lenny Smalls. Abe/George has to protect him from himself, and I’m supposing that’s why he followed from afar. That’s the only reason Daryl, Rosita & Eugene escaped from Dwight & the Saviors.

That was some good tension. It perfectly sets up the end of the season. We know who’s going to lead Negan to Alexandria, and it gives us another red herring or two about who is going to die in the finale.

Anyone for a little Nymphetamine?


I don’t know why, but when I saw the body in the room, I thought, “Hmm, Kirkman must listen to Cradle of Filth”, because this looks like an album cover.


                   Welcome to Dumpsville. Population: You.

I wasn’t sure what to make of the coda about Carol leaving. There’s lots of theories on the ol’ intertubes this morning. Me – I just figured she went for a walk in the woods, to decide whether she wants to keep going or look at the flowers with Lizzie. If we see a vision of Sophia next week, there’s your answer. Plus, I’m guessing Tobin wasn’t good in the sack.

I’m not sure if seeing Denise get killed had any influence over the character, but it was good to see Abe try and seal the deal at the end of the show.

PVR Note: stories this morning have the finale expanded to 90 minutes.

Negan death watch: I still think Glenn is going to be the one. Last week, I thought Carol’s was going to have an “episode” this week, and she’ll die as a result. I think her wandering off from Alexandria will lead to her death, but not at the hands of Negan. I think they’re just trying to keep everyone guessing.

Negan Anticipation Level: Texas Killing Fields.

Of course I’m saving The Comedian for next week. But this role also serves its purpose – a guy who just give no fucks anymore except for solving the case. But now, he is being hunted by the killer! You know there’s going to be a showdown, but you don’t know until the end which one of the detectives might die. Just like Glenn or Daryl!

Seriously, it’s going to be Glenn.


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  1. Forgot to mention that Christian Serratos (Rosita) looked WAY good on teh couch last night. She really cleans up good.

  2. Don’t know what you got, ’til it’s goonnneee….

    Yes, I am sad that Carol has gone all psuedo-Morgan and has left to find herself. She was like an annoying butch friend whom you always want to punch. But dammit she was MY annoying butch friend. Carol I apologize…if you come home I will be more tolerant of your bitchy butchy goodness. Plus I’m out of cookies.

    Dr. Feelgood…

    They got me. They totally got me. Those bastards. That whole run with Denise I was thinking…NOOOOO, don’t do that you stupid noob. NOOOOO, don’t go in that back room you stupid noob. NOOOOO, don’t open that car door you stupid noob. And then bails herself out of that last one (yay…redemption) and we get …..THE SPEECH. I’m like shit yeah, say your piece girl….you earned it. She even…and I swear this is not a joke…had me choked up a little when she really was building up and telling Daryl and Rosita to get an emotional clue. I swear, some tears welled a bit. Then…GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!

    Love Bites….

    Best improvisation in a life threatening situation since the hickey of insanity Rick gave to Joe way back in season….hell I don’t know. You know…the “called it” gang’s leader. But I digress. Dwight didn’t waste time bugging out, and I gotta say he was running way better than I would have been.

    Anywhoo….it will be interesting going forward. Negan’s jail cell is ready thanks to Morgan, so I guess my half-baked theory that he might not turn out to be an actual person on the TV show is likely wrong. We’ll see. I would mind seeing Dwight rot in that cell at this point, though I doubt he’d last long in there with Daryl around. Daryl be a tad pissed.

    And dear god, I hope somebody picked up the Orange Crush and brought it back. Tara…you want the bad news or the good news first?

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