What Goes On the Road, Should Stay On the Road

(Last time on “The Walking Dead”, headshots & beatings & bazookas, oh my!) Personal aside – boy, does having to be in the hospital suck. But at least when I woke up I wasn’t in an abandoned hospital surrounded by walkers. Sorry I’m late. Well, at least we didn’t get too much related to the […]

…I Went Down, Down Down, and The Flames Went Higher.

(Last time on “The Walking Dead”, not enough people died & there was too much talking) I don’t want to recap the episode. Frankly, enough sites, including [redacted] do that, and frankly keep over-analyzing the show. I just wanna talk about fun or salient stuff.                       […]

Always Wear the Brown Pants

Full disclosure: I’m from Vancouver. They shot the movie here. I went in wanting to love this movie. So, Deadpool came out on Friday. I went and caught the early show, figuring it would get packed closer to the evening. The theatre was about half-full. Long story short: First third: awesome. Second third: kinda slow Last […]

Is Billions Worth It?

Is there anything so prophetic about a channel than this gif? Showtimes shows have a tendency to start out at a reasonable pace and then things spin out of control until we are laughing at something that should be serious. Dexter, Homeland, Weeds, House of Lies the list goes on. They all have this chip on […]

Rest In Peace, Alan Rickman.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a shitty, shitty few weeks for celebrity deaths. Lemmy Kilmister at the end of December. David Bowie on Monday. And now this. I’m seriously contemplating just staying in bed for the rest of the year so that no more important people will die during the night. If I […]

How Making a Murderer Made Me Appreciate Modern Family

Making a Murderer is heavy. The case centers around a man innocently accused of rape and attempted murder in 1985. He had some earlier run ins with the law and even ran his cousin off the road one night after she was going around spreading rumors about him jerking off outside in the middle of […]