The Oscars Are On, So Let’s Talk Sorghum Production

There is, however, always time for tomacco.

(Last time on “The Walking Dead”, ROAD TRIP!)

Like the worst episode of “Rock Bottom” ever, instead of talking about the prostitutes ’round back, the characters really did want to talk about seed crops and sustainable harvests. It’s like Leo took his Oscars acceptance speech from the discarded plot lines for this episode. THOSE ARE NOT THE TOMATOES I WAS ASKING ABOUT!

I don’t know if it was on purpose, but it really seemed like the show didn’t really want to counter-program against the Oscars. Sure, the story progressed, and Jesus took everyone back to his place, but the relative lack of action seemed – to me – like they accepted that a certain percentage of their audience was going to be invested in the Best Picture category, and so they sacrificed progression in favour of not getting negative twitter reviews.

cracked - walking dead

Before I get to my ramblings, I’d like to direct you to a good story on Cracked about what it’s like in the town where they shoot “The Walking Dead”. I’m directing you to their site (links provided above) because, like most people who write on BBM or DFO, I believe the people who create the content should get the credit & clicks. Unlike other sites, they’ve managed to maintain their standards for writing without #sellingout and reworking the site to maximize clickbait opportunities. A summary wouldn’t do it justice.

[Update: I don’t know how to feel right now… (redacted)]

Abraham be gettin’ some! Big Red was dreaming about Sasha, but woke up next to Rosita. Like any normal man, he took that shower invitation when it was offered. There’s not too many women in the apocalypse, but I guess there’s still a field to be played. His line to Daryl about “double wrapping” was a bit comical, coming from a guy who clearly had never worried about that decision in his former life. Rosita gave him a small keepsake she made just for him, so whatever his intentions are, she’s already looking at dresses. There is no way this ends badly, but who knew you could play out a “Three’s Company” plot during the zombie apocalypse?

Jesus running around while everyone was asleep awoke Alexandria to the fact that, according to Abraham (and possibly my mishearing), Rick & Michonne were “pumping bugglies”. The better line was when Abraham asked Daryl if he’d ever considered settling down, and he responded with, “What makes you think she settled?” Deep thoughts followed. BURN!

Of course Carl would be cool with it, Rick. If he knows Dad’s #UpForWhatever, then it gives him permission to be warm for Enid’s form. Volunteering to babysit Judith just makes him look more responsible; it’s like borrowing a niece for the day when you are in university.

                That’s gonna leave a mark.

Jesus took everyone to the mountaintop Hilltop. I’m kinda torn on whether or not he’s “their Daryl”. Everyone was nice but suspicious, like Alexandria, but they didn’t try to eat them, like Terminus. Thanks to rescuing Hilltop’s doctor, Maggie got an ultrasound which confirmed the pregnancy but gave everyone a case of the deep thoughts.

Natalie Maggie got a character upgrade. Rick let her handle the negotiations with the Hilltop’s leader, Gregory (Xander Berkeley), because he knew it probably wouldn’t go well if he worked the room. After a stabbing gave everyone some proper perspective (Ray Lewis knows this), she got Alexandria a pretty good deal. On paper; in the course of events, it’s going to go badly.

FYI: in real life, Lauren Cohan got a haircut.

                    Yup; that’s all good.

                        Looks cool; they didn’t do it.


Why am I yammering on so much about plot details? Well, that’s because there were only (by my count) 4 walker kills and one human kill. The human kill is important, because it eventually gives way to…




Negan Anticipation Level: Batman v Superman

This episode was the first one where the gravity of the man-who-is-coming was made apparent to Rick & the gang. Their response of, “We can take him,” doesn’t bode well, if only because we’ve seen how all their previous plans have turned out. [Conceive; attempt; fail; regroup; re-plan; re-attempt; succeed (?); profit (?)] Someone’s gonna die; at this point, the only mystery is who, and how much of their blood will AMC allow to be shown. The waiting game is on how accurate Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s take on the character will be, and can/will it live up to audience expectations.

Anyway, that’s it for this episode. Next week, the gang probably learns not all road trips end up in Pound Town, unless there’s possibly more than one meaning to the word “pound”.


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