What Goes On the Road, Should Stay On the Road

(Last time on “The Walking Dead”, headshots & beatings & bazookas, oh my!)

Personal aside – boy, does having to be in the hospital suck. But at least when I woke up I wasn’t in an abandoned hospital surrounded by walkers. Sorry I’m late.

Well, at least we didn’t get too much related to the body collection and bonfires I was worried about.

Thankfully, that was due to the time jump. It seemed a necessary plot device, and it also avoided another “Herschel’s farm” episode of Rick sitting by a shot-Carl’s bed while the plot goes nowhere.

Instead, after a seeming disaster, Rick & Daryl did what most bros would do: road trip.

And, like all road trips, they made a new friend,

Had a few laughs,

And invited him back to their place.






Back home, all the necessary drama took place around Spencer, who found & put to rest his walker-Mom.





As a personal aside, it was refreshing to see this lady – Tovah Feldshuh – die in something, as every time she was on “Law & Order” (13 episodes!) I wanted to see her character killed. It’s a tribute to her skill as an actress that she had a presence (at least to me) that crossed over from another show. I wanted to watch so I could watch her get what was coming to her.

You should’ve done it, Ben Stone.

Which gets us to the fan fiction part of the episode – Richonne. The time jump doesn’t give us insight into how and/or when the moves got made. And I suppose there are thousands of words (ROWLES!) outlining where there might have been hints all along about how inevitable this pairing was. I’m sure there’s also been (or going to be) some History major whose written a think-piece about Richonne, Alexandria, and the 50th anniversary of Loving vs. Virginia.

Me, I choose to see it quite simply. The new girl he’d been trying to date got horribly killed a couple of months back, and so he turned to someone familiar for comfort. Someone he’d known a long time, and also a person who also wanted someone to care about. Who says you gotta be lonely in the apocalypse?

I’m just glad they never covered the awkward first moves, and the inevitable comedic scene where the lady with the machete tells the guy trying to get fresh to back off, only to realize it was what she wanted the whole time as well.

Anyway, that’s it for this episode. Next week, tune in for Jesus taking the bros back to his campus to meet his frat!

Negan Anticipation Level: The Good Wife

Still no sign yet. But, wherever Jesus is taking Rick & Daryl, there’s going to be (or have been) an impact of his presence having been there. On “The Good Wife”, Jeffrey Dean Morgan got in the face of Chris Noth, who was on “Law & Order”, where Tovah Feldshuh (as Dianne Melnick) also got in Chris Noth’s face. Synergy!


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  1. I just want to gloat for a moment, as I predicted the Rick/Michonne pairing (sorry…I refuse to say Richonne on GP…fuck you Chris Hardwick), which is etched in the eternity of internet goodness on the previous thread. Seriously…you can look it up.

    Not enough Maggie…again, and Carol didn’t get killed….again, so I can’t be overjoyed about this episode. But a truck full of food sinking into the pond was great. Yes, I yelled “You dumbasses!!!” at my TV loud enough to scare my cat. And you just know they’re going back there at some point and experience underwater rotting walkers as they try to salvage the canned goods and whatever else is water tight. So there’s that.

    (As an aside, how’s your ass feeling today?????)

    1. Nope – it’s there for all to marvel at.

      Carol versus Morgan – WHO YA GOT?!

      Doin’ fine, thanks. Should be able to sit by tomorrow. Finished the post in little drive-bys at the computer.

      1. Carol has just gradually become more and more annoying to me other than the fun of watching her play possum as the helpless housewife last season. But now that that’s over she’s more than annoying again. Morgan has been a favorite of mine since the beginning because Lennie James has long been one of my favorite actors. I’ve wanted them to bring him back since that first episode. Now that he’s back, I want him to stay awhile.

        If one of ’em has to go, I just hope Morgan channels his inner Robert Hawkins and figures out sometimes killin’ is necessary.

        /obscure reference delivered
        //here’s help if you need it http://jericho.wikia.com/wiki/Robert_Hawkins
        ///still miss that show

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