1. I probably still can’t talk about this yet, without my comments devolving into incoherent swearing.

    Morgan finds a horse, Morgan finds Carol, Morgan loses Carol, somebody else finds Carol, Morgan finds Carol again (now with extra holes in her body…and not the good kind), Morgan finally kills somebody, two guys who just got done playing laser tag find Morgan and Carol, Morgan loses horse (but “zen” again, he’s OK with that).

    A bunch of assholes run around in an RV with no idea where they’re going or how to get there (or how to read a goddamned map), and end up in a maze like the rat fucks they are.

    If the writers/producers really wanted to improve things, they should just have Negan kill every goddamned one of ’em and make him the protagonist going forward.

    Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, Caarrrlll might be minus an eyeball, but his hair is FUCKING FABULOUS!!!!!! He must use some hella good conditioner on that mop.

    1. Oh, and I forgot to mention….

      I don’t think the writers/producers have even necessarily decided who it is yet. I think that’s part of the reason they did it like they did it.

      Assholes are just toying with us.

      1. I know. They’ve guaranteed a hate-watch in October, but I don’t think they’ve planned on how to keep all the viewers once they find out.

        The scary thing is that, by introducing The Kingdom, it guarantees several meandering episodes, probably with Morgan dressing like Morgan Freeman in “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”.

        I myself will probably watch the first 10 minutes and then go back to Sunday Night Football. I hate to say I’ll read the internet hate before deciding on watching the rest of that particular episode.

        1. “This Pizza is cold as fuck. You didn’t think you were gonna get past this without getting punished, did ya?”

          1. It’s fun to think of all his dialogue in Negan terms. It puts his time on “Grey’s Anatomy” in a whole new light.

            I wouldn’t change anything about “The Losers” though. That’s gold.

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